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Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks Comparison

If you are looking for the best online platform that offers guitar lessons for beginners or advanced individuals looking to brush up their skills, you will not go wrong with either Jamplay or Guitar Tricks. Jamplay and Guitar Tricks are the two top sites that allow individuals learn everything about playing guitar from fundamentals to styles, genres, and writing songs on clear lessons that make learning easy and fun. Both Jamplay and Guitar Tricks have much in common, but there are differences that make each platform unique in its own way and more suitable to different individuals. After reading this Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks comparison guide, you will be able to choose the most suitable platform according to your training needs.

Best Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks Comparison

Features Comparison

The features available on both Jamplay and Guitar Tricks include an active forum, guitar/ bass tuner, chord library, jam tracks, scale library, lesson TABS, and song lessons. However, Guitar Tricks has a free trial membership that allows users to access limited lessons for a limited period. On the other hand, Jamplay has additional features not available on Guitar Tricks such as live streaming lessons and personal Q and A section sections. The additional features make Jamplay the winner on features comparison.

Lessons Comparison

Beginner Lessons: Both Jamplay and Guitar Tricks offer lessons for beginners that are clear and easy to understand. The beginner lessons on Jamplay are organized into phases and users can listen to instructors offering their own lessons. The user has the freedom to choose any favorite instructor from the pool of available instructors and follows his or her lessons. Guitar Tricks on the other hand, has a slightly larger pool of beginner lessons under a core learning system. The beginner lessons at Guitar Tricks are well structured in step-by-step tutorials that enable users to track their progress as well as know when they are ready for the next stage.

Genre Options: Both guitar-training platforms offer several genre options that you can experiment and try playing. Guitar Tricks offers twelve basic styles that include blues, acoustic, jazz, classical, country, rock, metal, rockabilly, bluegrass, surf, world and funk and soul. Jamplay on the other hand has a larger base of options and goes beyond the basic styles to include jazz, fingerstyle, metal, bluegrass, flamenco, funk, gospel and celtic among others. If you are looking for a platform that lets you explore and try playing a wide range of genres, you should opt for Jamplay.

Playing Songs: Both platforms allow individuals to play a specific song from different authors. However, Guitar Tricks offers a larger pool of songs that you can choose from including the top hits from popular artists like Beatles. The platform also offers a variety of popular and classic songs that you can sort by popularity, difficulty, title, and style. On the other hand, Jamplay has a smaller pool of songs mostly from the less popular authors. Therefore, you should consider Guitar Tricks if you are looking for a platform that will let you play the latest hit songs.

Video Quality: Both platforms have decent videos quality. Guitar Tricks offers videos on two different angles enabling you to view what the instructor is doing with both hands. The right hand is zoomed in and the videos contain detailed instructions on the basic things such as how to hold a guitar. On the other hand, Jamplay offers four video quality options that include high, super, 720p and 4k. The videos on Jamplay have no angles, but you can take notes or ask a teacher questions.


When comparing Jamplay and Guitar Tricks, it is important to note that there is not much difference in terms of what each platform offers and thus, the best way to choose is based on individual needs. For example, Guitar Tricks is more suitable for beginners while Jamplay enables experienced users to have more fun.