Sharing Funny Youtube Anime Memes?!

Are you a fan of anime or otaku in need of a good laugh or just want to give one? I was kinda finding the most hilarious anime memes. Have seen plenty of memes, I’m feeling regretful sometimes when I found one that made my day, I failed to save them to my collection and they were forever lost. But not today, so I will share you some anime memes that I find funny today. Behold…

It seems to me that the best anime mimes might be the one that Japan has done with the pregnancy meme. We used to just expect a Nyan Cat or Ikea Monkey once in a while, but boy, this time it’s as big as the Hail Hydra meme.

It comes with all sorts of names, and one of the populars one are called ‘pregnancy collage’ or ‘pregnancy announcement’. It’s brilliant really, and I personally that this meme literally made the meme of the year. People in Japan started this with anime characters and gradually the meme became viral in the western world and people began to meme this with western cartoons, and other unexpected live action shows but down right funny to its core!

Here are some of my personal favourite:

Melting Inside

Hey, here’s something old (not as old as YOTB’s discography). Listening to it makes me feel like I’m melting from the inside!

What’s Synemy?

If you’ve been catching with our latest update, you know Ken Andrews, our front man was working on his new work. If words haven’t got to you yet, we are telling you that the title of the work is known as Synemy!

We’ll let you decide what it means by listening to the album yourself!

Synemy by The Digital Noise Academy

Blitz Brigade Hack Exposed?

Omg, I didn’t know that Lee was actually using a hack he found online, it was made by Playberries not him.

Lee you bastard, I caught you red handed while you were accessing your laptop doing hacking for the Blitz Brigade hack. This is the link for the hack for those who wants to cheat like him

So sorry for lying to you guys, I guess Lee should apologize but I doubt he would. Nobody’s admit cheating.


Lee’s Hacking a Game?

For all you who don’t know Lee well, other than playing the bass guitar, Lee also knows how to hack.


Do you know what game he’s hacking?

Alright I’ll give you a hint. What’s a Team Fortress version of mobile game, it’s Blitz Brigade by Gameloft! I don’t know what the heck is that, go ask Lee will ya, he’s user on the game is LeeRox (Yea right, I’m more rox than he is). He’d probably “hack” me after this, just do me a favor and do not tell that you I send you.


– izzy

More APC Tour Pics

Here are some more pictures:


Photo #1:That’s Lee Cohen with the Budwiser, and James Minor lapping it up backstage in Milwaukee.


Photo #2: My new jeans are great………


Photo #3: Sal!

Back From the APC Tour


We’re back home now and I’ve been so busy with Tiger Woods 2004, I completely forgot to update this thing.

The APC tour was what it was……..

We ate, drank, argued, and ate!

Check it out: